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We live in a disposable, throw-away society. Old world craftsmanship and quality, where things were built to last, have been replaced by faster and less expensive technologies usually driven by planned obsolescence and increasing profits. Not at Ebbtide! Every boat we build is still hand laminated by craftsmen who focus on quality and build for the long haul.

As a vintage sports car enthusiast, I drive and race superior, well-built automobiles that are over 40 years old. They were engineered and built to last. I demand the same from the boats we build and so should you. That's why we intentionally take longer to build every Ebbtide. Each Ebbtide is built to the highest quality standards.

When you decide that you like your Ebbtide so much that you keep it for ten years, as many of our customers do, I want to assure you that it's constructed to stand the test of time. An Ebbtide boat often becomes part of the family, providing fun and memories for years to come. This is why you don't see many Ebbtides for sale in the classifieds and when you do, they command higher prices.

Yes, you can buy a less expensive boat than an Ebbtide and you can certainly spend more. But no matter how much you spend, you can't buy a better built boat. We adhere to our fundamental philosophy... build the best and make them better.

All of us at Ebbtide are honored that you are taking a look at the boats we've spent years perfecting. Take a test ride in an Ebbtide, a new one or a 10-year old one, then you decide.