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It's not the only way, but it is the best way to build boats. If mass production were our goal, we'd need to alter the way we build each boat. But since our goal is to build the best boat money can buy, we've taken the less traveled course. Ebbtide's exclusive unitized grid stringer system with Perma-Panel core combined with our exclusive DURA-CORE™ hull construction are two examples. The results are a stable ride and very little noise through rough water. These are things the discriminating boat buyer demands. We've chosen quality over quantity. Why aren't other boats built this way? Simple. It takes longer and costs more. You can feel the difference. You can hear the difference. You can see the difference. It's the Ebbtide difference... and why our boats ride better, handle better, look better and last longer.

We focus on what goes into the boat... perfection of the gelcoat, the resin-to-glass ratio, the strength and rigidity of the stringer system. We use Ashland's highest quality Max Gard low VOC gelcoats for the finest exterior color and finish available. We use only the finest environmentally friendly, low VOC Ashland resins (AME 5000 vinylester resin for the skin coat on hulls and decks, top quality Ashland DCPD resin for the balance of the lamination). We've been building boats for more than forty years. We've chosen to do it the slow, methodical way... not the quick, less expensive way. Some call us old school. We take that as a compliment. The result is an Ebbtide that will surpass the competition in performance, durability and the life of the boat.

The myth about wood-free boats

If you're reading this, you are seriously searching for the best built boat. In that search you've heard about wood-free boats. There are man-made materials out there that some manufacturers use in place of solid wood stringers and they are touted as rot-free. What is not generally discussed is the effect non-wood stringers have on the ride and long term durability of the boat. Our DURA-CORE™ system gives you the perfect combination of a solid, stable, and quiet ride. If there were a better substance for the stringer system than wood, we'd use it. Unlike man-made materials, wood stringers have the flexible memory to absorb shock and vibration, they do not transfer sound, they're heavier and provide a more solid ride, and they take rough seas better. Another strength of the solid Perma-Panel treated wood stringer is that the bond of the fiberglass material penetrates wood deeper than the surface-only bond of the man-made material. Our competitors mention rot as a problem. If you look closely at our manufacturing techniques, you'll see that our stringers are completely encapsulated with resin and glass, then each grid is filled with closed-cell flotation foam, creating a completely unitized hull structure. We're so confident in our DURA-CORE™ hulls, we provide a limited lifetime transom, stringer and hull warranty. Just remember, we've been building boats for over 40 years the methodical handcrafted way... not the faster, less costly way.