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The Hull: Boat for boat, you won't find a stronger hull with more layers of hand-laid glass mat, core mat, woven roving, directional material and resin. Each successive layer of glass mat, woven roving and directional material is fitted into the entire length of the boat, bow to stern. It is hand rolled into place removing air voids and creating a solid, high glass-to-resin ratio laminate. The hull sides are foamed and glassed over, creating Ebbtide's exclusive DURA-CORE™ hull-side construction. You won't find many (maybe not any) other boats that go this extra mile. The Perma-Panel unitized grid stringer system and integrated transom are completely glassed into place, hand rolled and each grid is filled with the proper amount of flotation foam before the sole is attached (yet another difference between Ebbtide and the rest). This combination creates our exclusive DYNA-PLANE™ hull, one of the strongest and most solid you can buy.

The Deck: Each deck is hand-laid. Every layer of glass mat, core mat, woven roving and directional material is hand-laid... every corner and radius hand rolled. Once the deck is laminated, the locations for bow rails, ladders, grab rails and cleats are reinforced with aluminum mounting plates and heavy traffic areas are strengthened with cored construction panels. The finished product fits like a glove over the hull and is triple fastened along the reinforced rubrail with stainless steel attaching screws, creating some of the smoothest lines in the industry.