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"I never cared about being the biggest. I just wanted to be the best we could be."
Tommy Trabue Powerboat Magazine 2005.

“The boat cornered predictably without blowing out or burying itself in the turn... the boat’s impressive speed and throaty Captain’s Call Exhaust option gave me the feeling I was driving a sports car.”
Motorboating Magazine

“...razor smooth turns, decisive throttle response and a ride that beats a bumpy lake into submission...”
Boating Life Magazine

“Be warned: One time behind the wheel and you’ll never be happy with your old boat again.”
Powerboat Magazine

“Ebbtide is a production boat company, but the boats are extremely custom looking and the workmanship is exceptional.”
Powerboat Magazine

“Ebbtide’s emphasis on durable construction is what separates it from the pack of pro-duction companies. This company builds for the long haul.”
Powerboat Magazine

“Ebbtide makes sure you andyour family have the best timepossible, manufacturing boatsthat deliver consistent performance,superior handling, luxurious comfortand head-turning styling. It’s an artEbbtide has been perfectingsince 1965.”
Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine

“When it comes to styling, workman-ship, and hull construction, Ebbtide rivals Wellcraft, Sea Ray. and Cobalt… in every category except price.”
Powerboat Magazine

“At top speeds, the boat stood tall,like a fully trimmed performanceboat running on pad.”
Boating Life Magazine