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Webster's definition of performance-the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose. In the boating world, performance has typically come to mean, "how fast will it go?". It is easy to build a fast boat. Just make it as light as possible, with minimal hull dead rise and then throw in the largest engine you can find. It'll go fast… in a straight line and on placid waters. But that's not Ebbtide's intended purpose. At Ebbtide, we define performance as being about more than just going fast. It's about plane times, stability, ride and handling in real world conditions like rough water, strong winds and crowded lakes. Ebbtide focuses on how a boat corners, how it holds in tight turns, how fast it can get back to a downed skier and how fast it accelerates through the power curve... not just top speed. It's also about how the boat continues to perform five, ten, or even twenty years from now.

Don't get the impression that we don't care about top speed. It's just that it's not the only thing on our agenda and we don't sacrifice other aspects of performance to achieve it. First, we contradict the accepted formula for speed: Our boats are heavier and have deeper v-hulls (dead rise), yet we still excel in all areas of performance in independent boat tests... including top speed. Second, we achieve this all-around performance without sacrificing comfort and ride quality. A heavier boat with the right dead rise just rides better. Sit in an Ebbtide and you'll be amazed at the comfort in the showroom and even more amazed how comfortable it is after being out on the water all day. Ask an Ebbtide owner, nothing rides like an Ebbtide.